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Overmolding silicone: What does it means?

The silicone over molding process means bonding silicone rubber on a substrate which may be in metal or plastic.

Silicone over-molding, a real asset for your products !

Overmolding is generally used to improve many product features such as preserving components from an external source, improving the grip of a device, enhancing comfort and ergonomic design, speeding assembling and time to market, easing the global device compliance with specific standards through silicone properties (i.e.: biocompatibility, temperature resistance etc..) or simply make a product sterilisable.


Over-molding silicone can be made through silicone injection or silicone compression on different materials:

• Steel
• Aluminum
• Silicone
• Some plastics

Some examples of over molded silicone parts:

• Handles
• Industrial metal sieves
• Heaters spare parts
• Surgical and dental instruments
• Electrical components
• Veterinary instruments
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