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 Custom fabricated silicone
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State of the Art fabricated custom silicone items

Sterne technical know-how, equipment, and well trained people are keys in developing and manufacturing fabricated silicone products, in small and large series.

A recognized expertise in both industrial and medical sectors

Sterne is a recognized specialist of industrial and medical rubber manufactured products. We master diverse techniques such as silicone vulcanization, silicone gluing, specific drilling, combining silicone on silicone, other rubbers & polymers, metallic or plastic supports.


Sterne extended experience in manufacturing specials, allows the company to answer positively to about any product realization as long as it is about silicone : silicone & rubber, alone or combined with any other material: metal, fabric, fiber, plastics, glass…upon custom projects...


Fabricated silicone parts possibilities

Silicone rubber cords, sections & profiles vulcanized into rings, joined seals, frames, with 90° corners, or other angles, inflatable silicone seals according to specifications, silicone sleeves, customized making, and silicone components assembling are all example of fabricated products.

Equipment dedicated to specialized and fabricated silicone rubber products :

• 4 Vulcanization machines
• 1 large machine for composite strips vulcanization, up to 2500 mm length
• 2 « swan neck » over molding machines