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With several years of experience, our design team provides technical advices, creates and develops the proper silicon items. products.
Rubber products are first visualized through CAD software * (Computer Assisted Design) before launching the initial prototype.


Our main tasks :

• Support silicone projects design as consultant
• Create & conceive the proper manufacturing tools (molds, dies...)
• Develop the right production processes and equipment
• Propose Innovative silicone compounds

*Sterne designs its silicone products and production tools with SolidWorks ®3D software

Our conception & development tools:

A valuable assetSince 2014 Sterne owns the company 5 AXES which is specialized into precision engineering. Created in 2011, the SARL 5 AXES is based in Rognonas (close to the factory) giving a great flexibility in tooling creation and setting, and reducing considerably deadlines and deliveries.

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