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The ideal silicone match of color, hardness, and standard!



Sterne manufactures and transforms different types of silicone rubbers, mainly available mainly available into two consistencies : High Consistency Silicone Rubber (HCR) and Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR). Two major catalysts are predominant in the silicone industry : peroxide and platinum...

To define silicone rubber parts & products it is important to consider :
•    Final use
•    Hardness shore
•    Color
•    Temperature range
•    FDA or Industrial quality
•    Legal requirements
•    Other specific needs & constraints


Our range of solid silicone rubbers & Liquid silicone rubbers compounds
•    Hardness shore from 1 to 90 ShA+-5
•    Colors: translucent and riox being standard, Sterne proposes a large selection of colors: blue, black, white, special RAL colors which can also be counter typed
•    Temperature of fragility: all standard silicone have temperature of fragility from -60°C to +200°C, a large panel of silicone offers greater temperature of fragility: +250°C, +300°C, +400°C or lower temperature resistance, -110°C with Phenyl silicones
•    Standards: Sterne silicone can meet FDA, CE 1935-2004, USP Class VI, medical grade implantable for short or long term, metal detectable silicone rubber, low smoke toxicity and fire retardant answering specific norms for specific markets.
•    Transformation possibilities: molded by injection or compression, extruded, fabricated products, calendered

Our range of sponge silicone compounds
•    Density: 250Kgs/m3 is the standard, possibility of lower density of 200Kg/m3, or higher density of 400Kg/m3, even600Kg/m3 is possible
•    Colors: off-white is the standard, riox , black and a large selection of colors are available on demand
•    Temperature of fragility: all standard silicone have temperature of fragility from -60°C to +200°C, a large panel of cellular silicone offers greater temperature of fragility, +250°C, +300°C
•    Standard Sterne sponge silicone can meet FDA standards or low


Sterne innovative brands :  

SWELLSIL™ Sponge silicone which can be FDA &/or resist to 300°C (extrusion)
Silicone rubber wich high temperature properties, holds up 400°C hot air, conceived for extreme uses
Homologated silicone rubber dedicated to the railway industry
High fatigability resistance platinumm cured silicone
Silicone Inflatable seals technology and specific testing
Peroxide silicone rubber dedicated to peristaltic pumps applications



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