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Inflatable seal : A concept

Inflatable sealing technology is the solution whenever there is a need to fill in a gap between two dynamic elements which need to be consecutively easily connected and disconnected. The pneumatic seal will expand and retract as wished.

Silicone inflatable seals can be used in many industries as they comply with topmost temperatures, pressures and with some fluids while answering specific standards & norms.

Silicone inflatable seal : A design

• Hollow silicone profile with axial or radial expansion, stretched out of shape by bringing pressure in (air, gas, fluid). Most inflatable profiles and seals are often customized according to specific drawings based on the particularity of each application.

• The profile is then vulcanized into either ring, frame, or straight length sealed at both ends, pressure is brought in by using a valve, either in metal or in silicone elastomer. The valve can be assembled either mechanically, simply glued, or over-molded with a cone on the profile. These custom-engineered inflatable seals are a real advanced solution for multiple applications.

  Pneumatic silicone seal : A Mission :
• Insure a perfect sealing: fill rooms; create a barrier against pressure and/or temperature variance in between enclosure to outside environment.
• Pneumatic jack rule: maintain a constant pressure, mastered and non traumatic in between 2 components; lift function...

Obstruction: closing finger …
Working pressure : standard is between 0.5 to 6 bars, but higher conditions can be achieved as well.


Advanced inflatable seal testing guaranteed : A passport for quality

Sterne has an in house pressure test table to guarantee the quality of its silicone inflatable seals.

Applications examples:

• Door seals for pressure chambers
• Door seals for High speed trains
• Transport containers inflatable seals
• Access doors
• Furnace silicone seals
Inflatable seals are able to fulfill a wide range of other applications according to specific needs, thus do not hesitate to contact us.


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