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Compact Silicone or HCR (High Consistency Silicone): hardness available from 7 to 90 Sh A +/-5 (Our standard being 60 Sh A +/-5 ). A wide range of colors, our standards being red iron and translucent.
Homologated silicone available:
- Food industry: FDA, CE 1935-2004
- Medical & Pharmaceutical : USP Class VI, ISO 10993
- Others : temperature resistance from 200°C (standard), 250°C, 300°C till 400°C.
Working environment: industrial workshop and clean rooms (ISO 6 & ISO 8).
Adhesive backing can be added on sections and profiles. The company Sterne, specialized in silicone manufacturing, can also customize your elastomer products using pad printing, laser marking and continuous marking.
• Cords: minimum diameter of 0,2 mm

• Squared and rectangular sections with width up to 300mm

• Silicone hoses, tubes : minimum Ø 0,3X0,6 maximum exterior Ø110 Possibility of color strip and multi-Lumen according to your choice

Silicone sponge : Silicone sponge: standard density is 250kg/m3, but we can afford a density till 600 kg/m3, with a wide range of colors (off white being our standard color). FDA standard can be applied, with a standard capacity to resist at 200°C or more specifically till 300°C. Ask for our SWELLSILL® brand for more details.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for any specific requirements regarding material properties and characteristics, standards or sizes.


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