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Silicone profile extrusion : A technique

Silicone profiles are made through the extrusion process. Sterne can manufacture profiles of any shapes, colors, sizes, in a large selection of silicones, production environments, and with standard or tight tolerances. Profiles can be delivered in coils, cut in lengths or vulcanized in rings or frames.

Silicone rubber profiles: Sterne shapes your ideas!

• E profiles silicone rubber
• L profiles
• P profiles
• "mushroom" profiles
• Square based U sections
• U profiles
• D sections
• Lip profiles
• Inflatable shape profiles
• H profiles
• Omega profiles
• Edging silicone profiles
• Key hole sections
• Autoclave profiles
• Cross sections profiles
• Customized extruded rubber profile

And many other complex shape profiles, even technical ones, according to drawings.

Our solid silicone rubbers profiles are available in food grade silicone, metal detectable silicone, fluoro Silicone, platinum cured silicone, peroxide silicone, steam resistant silicone, biomedical silicone rubber... Diverse hardnesses and colors are upon specifications.

Sponge silicone extruded articles are available in diverse densities (250Kg/m3 being the standard), colors (off-white being the standard) always manufactured in an industrial production environment.




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