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Our 3D silicone printing technology - SiO-Shaping 1601:

We have developed an additive manufacturing technology by depositing filaments using a 100% UV cured silicone.
Developed mainly as a prototyping tool or for production in small series, silicone printed parts with SiO-Shaping 1601 are very close to the final piece: they recover 100% of strength and elongation properties if the injected final products.
With a minimum printing layer of 0.25mm, we can manufacture items of extreme precision and great geometrical complexity.
In addition to prototyping, silicone 3D printing offers many new possibilities to be taken into account by designers / creators during their product development: hollow parts, alveolar structures...



Properties of the 3D printer SiO-Shaping 1601 :
• Maximum print volume, in mm: 205 x 200 x 100
(l x w x h)
• Minimum printing layer: 0,25mm
• Hardness from 30 to 60 Shores A
• Colorations: translucent (all translucent colors), opaque (red, green, yellow, black…), phosphorescent
For any project of silicone 3D printing, prototyping or for any question, do not hesitate to consult us


According to the 3D simulation model, we carry out a design review in order to modify, or not, some finishes of the piece (change of surface, fillets, chamfers ...). After accepting the changes, an STL (STereoLithography) file is generated.

The next step is the most important: transform this STL file by a slicer, which will cut the piece in several layers. The purpose is to generate a file that will allow the printing of the part by the SiO-Shaping 1601 technology.



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