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What is extrusion ?

Silicone extrusion consists in feeding the extruder with raw silicone materials, which will then be carried through a screw to the die* fixed on the extruder head in order to take the designed shape, and will follow its course on a heated treadmill to be cured and therefore fix its shape. Standard or specified tolerances are always defined as silicone rubbers, solid or sponge, will swell or shrink during transformation and post curing.

* The extrusion die is a tool shaped from steel, realized according to a sketch and adjusted before processing.

Sterne silicone extrusion workshop

We have 7 extrusion lines: 5 complete lines in our industrial workshop, screw diameter from 40 to 90mm, 1 complete line in our ISO 8 cleanroom and 1complete line in our ISO 6 cleanroom.
All these workshops are equipped with external mixers and ovens to make customized silicone blends and to post cure the articles.


  Our silicone
Sterne offers a broad range of solid silicone materials (Silicone elastomer, Fluoro-Silicone, Peroxyde cured, platinum cured, etc... And sponge silicone (Industrial or FDA) with skin sides giving a smooth finish.


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