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 Silicone rubber molding
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Silicone molding : by compression or Injection

Sterne is constantly integrating new technologies and enlarging its facility capacities to meet ongoing changing needs. Today, we are able to transform both liquid silicone rubbers (LSR) and high consistency silicone rubbers (HCR) combined with appropriate additives, to propose the most innovative silicone products, manufactured in either industrial or protected environment.

Customised design to meet precise requirements; we offer our services from prototyping, to small or very large series (automated production).


A great choice of materials:

Silicone rubbers (HCR & LSR)
• Fluoro-silicones
• Fluoro-Elastomers
• Rubbers & polymers
• TPE (Thermo Plastics Elastomers)
• Thermo plastics
• Other Elastomers
Our modern production facility allow us to process an extended selection of silicone rubbers :
hardness From 1 to 100 Shore A, unlimited colors, and a wide range of additives to meet most intricate needs: topmost temperature, low smoke toxicity and flame retardant, food standards, improved mechanical properties etc...

Our know-how, molding expertise and quality accuracy, allow us to propose standard tolerances according to the ISO 3302-1 Cat. M2 norm but we also can meet Cat. M1 or even tighter when necessary.

Sterne most advanced molding machines include :
• Silicone compression molding machines from 10 to 400 tons
• Silicone injection molding machines (HCR & LSR)
• Rubber injection molding machines, Plastics & TPE injection molding machines
• Automates


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