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As the flow of passengers worldwide increases and technological development pace goes faster and faster, materials expectations are becoming sharper.

For passengers' security, materials selected to build modern transportation vehicles need to follow precise legal requirements in terms of flame retardant and smoke toxicity during ignition.
Silicones are directly linked to the lifespan of vehicles as it is naturally resistant to UV lighting, ozone, temperature variations, moisture, salt and even some chemical particles.

Sterne offers a large choice of approved silicone rubbers : • Solid silicone rubbers, ranked M1-F0 according to NF F 16 101 French standard, category 1a according to table 7 & 8 of BS6853 British standard, and HL3 R22 according to EN 45 545 2 European standard, in hardness 60 & 80 Sh A+-5, colors dark or light grey

These silicone compounds can be either molded, extruded and calandered in sheets.

Silicone sponge, density from 200 to 600 kg/m3,ranking till M1-F1 according to NF F 16 101 and category 1a according to BS6853
Some applications

• Floating floor silicone supports
• Windows seals
• Door seals
• Protection profiles for luggage racks or overheads
• Conditioner seals
• Cut gaskets
Some references

The first High Speed Train Line built in South Korea : Luggage racks profile
The NAT project : Floating floor support
The Victoria Line – London underground : The whole range of silicone items used for rail train (extruded and molded parts)
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